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During the lifetime of an application, there will be a few contact details you may wish to record for future information. Details such as application owner, technical contact, third party support etc can easily be saved in the contacts tab. These contacts could be within or outside your organisation. For example you may have a UAT Tester designated against an application or groups of applications in your organisation.  

Although Contacts and User Migration often contain similar information, each feature has a different purpose within MigrationStudio. Contacts are users who are designated against an application during its lifetime while a user migration record represents one user account in a domain. This record has information on the user such as their contact details, their migration and associated application details. This article describes how to create contact types and also how to add contacts to applications.

Creating a Contact Type

  • Switch to the ‘Admin’ (1)
  • Click on ‘Initial Setup’ (2) from the vertical menu on the left and select ‘Contacts’ (3)
  • Select the ‘Click here to add new item’ button (4)
  • Enter the name of the Contact Type as you want to see it in the UI
  • Ensure that ‘Is Visible’ (5) is checked
  • Click ‘Save Contact Types’ (6) to save the new list
  • To edit an existing contact type, simply click on the type
  • Amend the entry and click Save contact types


Adding a contact to an application

  • Click on ‘AppTracker’ (1) tab
  • Select the application on the grid and click on the ‘Contacts’ (2) tab
  • Search for the contact using the ‘Search box’ (3)
  • If the contact is already in Migrationstudio then click ‘Add Contact’, otherwise click ‘Create New Contact’ (4)

  • Clicking on the Create New Contact will bring up the following contact information panel where all the relevant details can be entered

  • Click on ‘Save & Close’
  • In the next window, select the contact type from the dropdown menu


  • Down the left side of the page you can see existing contacts for this application, clicking on a contact will show you more details about this contact and allow you to edit or remove the contact
  • If you need to run a report to list all the contacts designated against all applications or groups of applications, please refer to this solution article

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