Connect to an Always on Availability group listener

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The Always on availability group feature is a high availability and disaster recovery solution that provides an enterprise-level alternative to database mirroring. It maximizes the availability of a set of user databases for an organisation. 

As an example, you have 2 databases ‘SQLDBServerA’ & ‘SQLDBServerB’ and a Listener called SQLListener.

 Your connection string with the AppSettion.json file would have a "server attribute" of:


  • server=tcp: SQLListener; or if using a nonstandard port
  • server=tcp: SQLListener,1435; The "tcp: " (note the space) is required to force the use of TCP and needs to be added. 
  •  multiSubnetFailover=True;


Set up Database Connection

  • Determine the SQL listener by logging onto the SQL database server.
  • Expand the AlwaysOn High Availability folder.
  • Expand the Availability Group.
  • The SQL listener should be visible.
  • Right click on the SQL listener and select properties to determine the port number specified.

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  • Open up AppSetting.json file and amend accordingly.
"DatabaseConnection": "Server=tcp: SQLListener, 1433;multiSubnetFailover=True;Database=ManagementStudio;ConnectRetryCount=0;",

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