Installing the ACE:AI Connector

Modified on Mon, 27 Nov 2023 at 12:12 PM



This solution article shows the steps required to install the Application Confidence Engine.


  • ACE must be enabled in the licence
  • The ManagementStudio client must have internet access (the server doesn't need internet access)
  • A ManagementStudio account which is in the Project Admins role group is required


  • Login to ManagementStudio using an account which is in the Project Admins role group
  • Navigate to Admin -> Extensions -> Connectors
  • Click Add New Connector -> ACE:AI

  • Click OK to accept the default name, or amend as needed
  • The new connector will be created

Initial Setup

During the connector installation, the default settings will be applied. In most cases, these will be a reasonable starting point. Before any ACE recommendations can be reviewed it's necessary to run through these steps:

  • Administration -> Extensions -> Connectors -> Select the ACE Connector
  • Click Sync With MS ACE Server Now -> Continue
  • Click Run ACE Examination Now -> Continue
  • It may be helpful to tick the option Periodically Sync ManagementStudio ACE Server -> Save Changes to prevent having to run this task manually


Refer to this solution article.