Multi-Project: Best Practice

Modified on Thu, 06 Jun 2024 at 03:27 PM

When making plans for a multi-project implementation of ManagementStudio, it's worth reviewing the guidelines below to ensure the features of multi-project are understood and catered for.

Which Items Can be Shared Between Projects?

Item TypeCan it be shared?Comments
User MigrationsYes
Deployment UnitsNo
LinksNoThere are generally re-created by connectors
ESMsNoThese can be exported and imported into the new projects

Best Practice Guidelines

  • Custom Fields (CustomFlagX, CustomPropertyX, CustomListX etc) are common across Shared Assets. This means that they cannot be re-used in different projects.
  • Drop-down lists in the Details tab do not carry over into child projects.
  • It's generally suggested NOT to share the assets which are the main target (these should instead be exported and imported into the new project) but to share the non-targeted assets. For example: 
    • A new project for a Windows 11 transformation is required
    • The apps will need re-testing for Windows 11
    • Don't share the apps, instead export them, then import them into the new project
    • This allows the app custom fields to be re-purposed
    • Share the User Migrations and Devices from old project to the new project