How To Identify Users Who Only Use Core Applications

Modified on Tue, 04 Apr 2023 at 04:58 PM


At the start of a project it may be useful to identify the users who only use a specific set of applications. These people may be the "early adopters" who can be migrated early on on the project, as they have minimal requirements around applications. 

ManagementStudio provides a report to show which users only use these applications, or a subset of them. This might be based on the core applications, or a specific set of other applications.

There are two main steps required:

1. Identifying the Applications

The simplest approach here is where there is a known set of applications which need to be reported against:

  • Browse to Applications -> All Applications
  • Select the applications (this may be the core applications or another set of applications)
  • Click Copy -> Select None -> App ID -> Copy
  • The App IDs will be copied to the clipboard

Instead of this approach, it may be useful to base the set of applications on the personas of some users who are know to only use the core applications. This is outlined at the bottom of this article.

2. Generate The Report

Before starting ensure you have the relevant App IDs in the clipboard.

  • Browse to User Migrations -> All User Migrations
  • Select the in-scope User Migrations (in many cases this will be all of them)
  • Click the Datamining Report button
  • Click Add Readiness Tier -> Applications
  • If you want to consider the Pending Applications in terms of readiness you should tick Include Pending in the Application Readiness Tier (don't use the Add Pending Apps option in the Adv. Link Options):

  • In the What-If: Ready Application IDs panel click the + button
  • Paste in the App IDs: 
  • If any applications should be ignored, add their App IDs to the What-If: Out of Scope Application IDs panel
  • Click Run Datamining Report
  • Filter the Ready % column to only show 100%

  • The displayed User Migrations are those that only use the chosen applications, or a subset of them

Alternative Method for Identifying the Application Set

Another approach to identifying the application set is to choose a number of users who are known to only use the core applications, and generate a report to show the applications they use:

  • Browse to User Migrations -> All User Migrations
  • Select the "core app" users
  • Click the Datamining Report button
  • Uncheck all the fields in the User Migration Reporting Tier
  • Click the Deduplicate Rows button in the ribbon
  • Click Add Reporting Tier -> Applications
  • Optional: Tick Adv. Link Options -> Add Pending Apps if the users' Pending apps are to be included
  • Click Run Datamining Report

  • A list of the applications used by that set of users will be displayed
  • Click Select All -> Copy -> Select None -> App ID -> Copy
  • The App IDs will be copied to the clipboard