How to Create a Survey with Interactive Show/Hide Control

Modified on Tue, 18 Jan 2022 at 03:03 PM



It is sometimes useful to be able to create a survey with an interactive element. If a user ticks a checkbox, the next part of the survey is revealed.

Setup Steps

Create a Custom Form to Store the Survey Results

  1. Administration -> <Choose module such as User Migrations> -> Discovery (or choose a custom tab)
  2. Click New Tab for the Survey data 
  3. Setup two fields as below
  4. Click Save Changes

Create the Survey

  1. Administration -> <Choose module such as User Migrations> -> Surveys
  2. Click New Survey
  3. Type a name for the Survey -> OK
  4. Setup two fields as below
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Make a note of the FieldId for the second field (in this example: 125)
  7. Select the Checkbox and add the Special Control Args: FieldsId:<125>; replacing 125 with the actual FieldId (as below)
  8. Click Save Changes

Testing the Survey

  1. Navigate to User Migrations -> All User Migrations -> Double click any User
  2. Change to the Survey tab
  3. Click on the Survey Link
  4. The survey will open in a web browser
  5. Test that ticking the checkbox (1) shows the text line

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.