How to Setup Notifications

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ManagementStudio provides user-configurable notifications so that alerts are automatically sent on specific triggers. Example notifications:

  • Receive an email when an application has been tested
  • Receive an in-app alert when a task is completed
  • Receive an email and and in-app alert when a Deployment Unit is assigned to me

How To Setup a New Alert

Configure the Alert as per the settings below:

Alert ScopeUse this to set the scope of the alert to:
  • Paused - Alert turned off
  • My Items Only - Items assigned to you
  • All Items - Every item in that module
  • Filtered - Only items which match the process/Blueprint filter
NotificationChoose how the alert should be displayed:
  • Alert UI - An in-app alert in the Notifications area
  • Alert Email - An email sent to the email address for that user
ModuleChoose the module which will trigger the alert:
  • Device
  • User Migration
  • Deployment Unit
  • Defect
  • Task
  • Contact
EventChose which event should trigger the alert. The available triggers will vary depending on the chosen module. Options will exists for events such as Created,Updated and Deleted, plus many others.
Sub EventThis setting allows further customisation of some Events. For example if an alert is created for when a dependency is added to an Application, the Sub Event allows control of whether the alert is sent on dependencies being Added, Removed or Add and Removed.

  • Click Add Alert

How To Edit an Existing Alert

  • Click on the user icon 
  • Click Edit
  • Modify the Alert as required
  • Click Add Alert

How To Delete an Alert

  • Click on the user icon 
  • Click the Delete button
  • Click Remove

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.