Getting Started with the Remote Agent Toolkit

Modified on Tue, 23 May 2023 at 04:52 PM



The Remote Agent Toolkit is a lightweight, portable agent that is designed to connect customer data with an off-site installation of ManagementStudio.  For example, you might be working with a partner that has installed ManagementStudio in their private cloud or you are participating in an Engage Assessment Programme.

The toolkit is powered by technology from ManagementStudio and profiles your estate in a similar way using data from Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. Unlike a traditional on-premise install though, data is sent via a secure link to an instance of ManagementStudio hosted by your partner.



For simplicity and speed, the toolkit is designed to be run by a system engineer that has:

  • An AD account
  • Read-only access to the MECM database


The Remote Access Toolkit is run from a standard Windows client that has direct network access to AD and MECM.  Where possible, use the toolkit on the same network as the MECM server to avoid copying large amounts of data over remote connections, such as VPN.


The Remote Agent Toolkit uses standard network ports to connect:

  • Toolkit to AD: 389
  • Toolkit to MECM DB: 1433
  • Toolkit to ManagementStudio/partner cloud: 443

Accessing the Toolkit

The toolkit is provided to ManagementStudio partners or customers that have signed up for an Engage Assessment Programme.  Please contact your technical lead at ManagementStudio or email for the download link.