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Step by Step Guide - How to create a Dashboard


ManagementStudio's Dashboards provides users with an easy, interactive method of quickly viewing key project information and trends. For example, dashboards could include application rationalisation progress by department, the overall number of users migrated to date or the number of devices that have failed hardware compatibility checks.  The dashboards are customisable and easily shared between teams, and many of the widgets also provide a simple stepping off point to explore the information in more detail.


To access the dashboard options, click the Dashboards menu entry on the left.  This will display three sub-menus:

  • Dashboard: The primary dashboard and panels created by the ManagementStudio user currently logged in
  • Public Dashboards: This allows a user to select a dashboard shared by another user in the project
  • Dashboard Designer: The designer is where a user can create a new dashboard and optionally share that dashboard with other users in the project

Out of the box, the default dashboards are accessible through the Dashboard menu entry.  After creating and saving a personal dashboard, this will be replaced with the My Dashboards menu item and contains links to the dashboards.

Dashboard \ My Dashboard

The dashboard comprises 6 key areas:

  1. The panel tabs that contain different dashboard views
  2. The main chart area which is made up of individual charts
  3. A chart (a widget that is based on a given module and has a specific role, such as showing application process history).
  4. The toggle to display the chart legend
  5. Used in conjunction with (6), selecting an item in the legend selects a subset of the results for further reporting
  6. Launch a data mining report based on the items selected in (5)

Public Dashboards

Dashboards can be shared with other ManagementStudio users by selecting the Public to All (1) option when saving or updating the dashboard.

This dashboard will appear under the Public Dashboard menu option for other ManagementStudio users:

The creator can access the dashboard through the My Dashboards menu option:

Dashboard Designer

The Dashboard Designer allows a ManagementStudio user to create or maintain personal dashboards, or share a dashboard with other project users.  

The key activities that are undertaken in the Dashboard Designer are:

  • Create new or duplicate personal dashboards
  • Edit, rename or delete existing personal dashboards
  • Change or filter dashboard data sources
  • Set the default dashboard for the current ManagementStudio user
  • Share a dashboard with other project users

Please refer to the Dashboards - Getting Started Guide for an in-depth tutorial on creating dashboards.

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.