Portal Pages

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Portal Pages

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  • Portal Page Example: User Self-Service Portal
    • Pick a slot / rebook slot
    • View App / Device list
    • Report a defect
    • Submit satisfaction survey
    • View Project info on Win11 etc
    • Report Lost/Stolen device? 
  • App Owner Portal ?
    • Review their Apps
    • Report if not the owner and who now is
    • Ask if it's expensive?  
  • Migration Enginner Portal
    • Rebuild Devices to Win11 (ie add to Group/Collection)
    • Install Apps on users Devices (ie add to Group/Collection) 

Each option on the Dashboard Admin screen is listed and explained

How to use Keywords in the html to add User info "Hi [UM-FirstName]"

How to use Keywords in the html to add buttons to Surveys and Self Schedule pages

How to inject Dataming Reports (via keywords)

How to show / hide elements of the page with #if #else #endif

Useful tools - www.layoutit.com  https://getbootstrap.com/docs/5.3/content/typography/