Portal Wrappers

Modified on Fri, 10 May 2024 at 10:00 AM

Portal Wrappers are the core of the ManagementStudio portal technology. They provide a way to offer constant visual, navigation and authentication to Users as they move between Dashboards, Reports, Surveys, Landing Pages etc. They consist of different blocks and a main content area (green in the image) for displaying information to the User.

Every page (Report, Landing, Dashboard, etc) must have a wapper before it can be viewed in a browser. 

Default Wrappers

ManagementStudio creates two default wappers called 'MS-Default-NoAuthWrapper' and 'MS-Default-AuthWrapper'. These wrappers are automatically applied to pages that don't have a wrapper set. 


Has no authentication set, this is the default for the Self-Schedule, Survey & Test Sign-Off pages


Has basic authentication  set where a User must use their ManagementStudio User/Pass to view the page

This is the default for Dashboards, Portal Pages & Dataming Reports

These default wrappers can be updated and their behaviour changed. However, they can not be deleted or renamed. Doing so will result in ManagementStudio recreating new default wrappers.


Banner Block 

Displays at the top of the page are usually used for a project title and image.

Nav Block

Displays under the Banner block and provides buttons for the user to navigate to other pages in the Portal


Restrict access to any page that uses this wrapper. See the article on Portal Authentication for an in-depth explication on how to protect your portal.

Custom CSS / JS Blocks

These allow you to inject CSS or Javascript into any page that uses this wrapper. They are useful for providing a constant style to your Portal.

Footer Block

Displays at the bottom of the page.