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In ManagementStudio, a Contact is an individual who is typically associated with one or more of the following modules Applications, User Migrations, Devices, Defects & Deployment Units. Every contact item contains contact information, such as First Name, Last Name, Sam Account, Job Title and communication details. Any module can have one or more contacts.

The example that follows will use the Applications module to illustrate the concept although this approach applies to all modules within ManagementStudio.

Accessing the Contacts Tab

To view the Contacts tab:

  • Choose the relevant module from the vertical menu bar on the left (1), in this example, Applications, and double click an item from the main grid (2) to open the details panel.

Click the Contacts tab (1).

The Contacts Tab Layout

The Contacts tab consist of two core sections:

  • Control Bar (1)
  • The Contacts Grid (2)

Control Bar

The Control Bar provides a quick access to additional functionality. From Left to right: 

Attach ContactThis allows you to add a contact
ReloadThis allows you to reload the contacts grid
Search Grid FilterAllows you to enter a piece of text to search/filter the grid for, the grid will show which fields are matching in red. You can clear the search filter by clicking on the circle with a line across symbol to the right of the control.
Toggle Group BarThis allows you to show/hide the Group bar. The group bar allows you to drag any field in the grid to the group bar and the grid will be grouped on that field i.e. domain.
Select AllSelects all the items in the Grid.
Select NoneDeselects all the items in the Grid.
InvertThis will invert the current selections in the grid.
Copy to ClipboardThis allows you copy items from the grid to the clipboard
Export to Excel (All)This allows you to Export the Grids' contents to Excel.
Export to CSV (All)This allows you to export the Grids' contents to CSV (Comma-Separated Values).
Pivot to TableThis is used to summarise, sort, reorganise, group, count, total or average of the data on the grid
Pivot to ChartThis is a visual representation of the pivot table.
Grid Column ChooserThis allows you to add additional columns to the contacts grid.
HelpProvides access to the Help article.

Contact Grid

The Contact grid displays the list of all the contacts associated with the module. Details of each column below:

DetailsIcon to allow you to view more details of the contact.
UnlinkRemove the association of the contact.
Contact TypeIt displays the relationship between the contact and the object.
First NameThe First Name of the Contact
Last NameThe Last Name of the Contact.
Sam AccountSam account of the Contact.
DomainThe domain, the Contact is in.
OrganisationThe organisation details of the Contact.
Job TitleThe job title of the Contact.
Phone WorkWork number of the Contact.
Phone MobileMobile number of the Contact.
Email WorkWork email address of the Contact.
Email HomeHome email address of the Contact.

Creating a Contact

The following steps describes the process for adding a Contact. This is consistent within the other modules within ManagementStudio.

  • Click Attach Contact (1) from the control bar at the top.

  • On the Attach Contact windows, you have the following options available:

  • Search existing Contacts (1) - If you are looking for a specific contact enter part of their name here. The control will wait until at least three characters are entered before applying the filter to the Existing Contacts Dropdown. When enough characters (3 minimum) are entered into the Search Contacts this list will be filtered to any matches. This operation searches the Contacts Name, Email, Sam Account, Domain, Organisation and Job Title for said matches.

  • Create a New Contact (2) -  If there are no matches or you know you wish to create a new contact, click here.


  • Upon clicking on create new contact form, you will be presented with the following form: 

Create New Contact Form

1) Enter the Contacts First Name.
2) Enter the Contacts Last Name.
3) Enter the Contacts Phone Work number.
4) Enter the Contacts Work email address.
5) Click to create the Contact.
6) Click Cancel to cancel the creation of the contact.

After the Contact is Created the Search Contacts and Existing Contact Dropdown will have that Contact selected.

  • Select the newly created Contact.

  • Click the As (1) dropdown menu to select the relationship between the Contact and the Object, in this case, an Application so the potential values are UAT (User Acceptance Testing), App Owner or Contact.
  • Click Attach Contact (2) to complete the process of adding the Contact to the Application.
  • Click Cancel (3) to cancel the process of adding the Contact to the Application.


Keyboard Shortcuts

The functionality provided by the Control Bar (above) is also available by keyboard shortcuts:

  • Attach Contact: CTRL+N
  • Reload: CTRL+R

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.