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The Surveys tab within each module in ManagementStudio allows the administrator to create a web-based survey with a variety of question-type options. Many organisations use this survey as an opportunity to ask users to review their applications, engage with end-users and are a great way to gather information from end users. The responses received are stored in ManagementStudio and can be viewed on a per-respondent basis or as a detailed summary report using the Datamining report module.

The example that follows will use the User Migrations module to illustrate the concept although this approach applies to all modules within ManagementStudio.

Accessing the Surveys Tab

To view the Surveys tab:

  • Choose the relevant module from the vertical menu bar on the left (1), in this example, User Migrations, and double click click an item from the User migration grid (2) to open the details panel.

  • Select Surveys tab (1) from the tabbed menu.

Surveys Tab Layout

Although the options will vary between modules, the layout consists of three core areas:

  1. The Control Bar across the top allows users to reload information and access the online help file.
  2. The Tab survey List on the left displays the types of surveys associated to the module are displayed in alphabetical order.
  3. When an item is selected from the Tab survey List (2), the Survey Area (3) will update to display the relevant information.

The Survey Main Area

The Survey main area consists of three core sub-sections: 

  • Results (1)
  • Attachments (2)
  • Data (3)



  • Upper Area - This displays the metrics regarding this survey only against this host module (Users, Devices, Deployment Units, etc…). Most fields are self-explanatory. It displays the unique link of the survey, this is the link that is emailed to respondents. ManagementStudio surveys can track visits to the survey page and will record both Visit Count and Last Visit on this page, making it possible to see if surveys are being opened and not completed.  Additionally, if a respondent adds comments to their survey they will be recorded here as well as the “Fail Reason” should the survey have been designated a fail. i.e. “User Comments".

  • Lower Area - This area refers to the emails that are sent inviting Surveys to be completed. ManagementStudio will track the sending of the three possible emails associated with each survey. Both the “Request Email” and the “Reminder Email” have open tracking enabled. This allows the ManagementStudio user to identify Request and Reminder emails that are being ignored.


If the option “Save Survey As PDF” is defined in the survey config then the survey results will be added to the object record as an attachment. Additionally, depending on survey settings, those completing surveys might have the ability to upload additional attachments and they will also appear here, as well as also being available in the attachments tab.


This area relates to the actual data that the respondent submitted during the survey. If additional system fields have been used i.e. Blueprints they will not appear here but will be recorded in the object record and on the PDF attachment in the section above. 


Other areas.

Survey results can affect data in the main object record, blueprints and history.

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