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ManagementStudio provides the ability for project administrators to collect additional information directly from end-users via a type of web form provided by Surveys. For example, an application owner might use a survey to populate information about an application's licensing details on behalf of the project. Since most of the users will not have a login account for ManagementStudio, end-users are notified via email and are provided with a link to the webform.

Although the examples in this document refer to the Application module, Test Sign-Off emails are available to the following modules: Applications, Users, Devices, Mailboxes, Bespoke, Deployment Units, and Defects.


Email Templates

Accessing the Email Templates

The email templates are located within the Survey sections of the supported modules.  For example, to access the email templates for the Applications module:

  • Open the Administration section by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner (1).
  • Select Applications from the menu and choose Surveys (2) from the Surveys, Sign-Offs & Self Schedule section.

  • Select the appropriate Survey from the dropdown menu (1) or create a New Survey (2)
  • Click Emails from the tabs on the left (3)

Template Types

Surveys contain three email templates that are used at different stages of the process:

Template Name
Request Email
Invite the end-user to participate in the Survey, providing a link to the webform.
Reminder Email
Remind the end-user that their participation is required.  

By default, this is automatically issued after 14 days. The waiting period is adjusted under Settings > Email for the Test Sign-Off.
Confirmation Email
Confirm that the user's input has been received by ManagementStudio.

Creating Content

Main Body

Each template provides the content that is used for the email body.  As this is common to Surveys and Test Sign-Offs, the process of adding content is discussed at:

Email Template Wrappers

All emails sent from ManagementStudio are based on a global wrapper that is responsible for creating the presentation of the email, including style, layout, header and footer.  The body - or main content - of an email is injected into the wrapper at the time of sending.

More information about modifying the wrapper is available at:

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.