Deployment Unit fields available for bulk data import

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Some projects may have information about deployment unit stored in a spreadsheet. In this case, project administrators can use an Excel source to manually import the information into ManagementStudio. This article describes the fields that can be used.

For further information on data imports, please refer to this article.

When creating a new Deployment Unit, the Target Module needs to be specified in the spreadsheet.

You can either use the ModuleId or the Module Name for this column.


Target Module

A sample spreadsheet containing new DUs to be imported.

A screenshot showing how to link the columns to the corresponding field in ManagementStudio

Available Deployment Unit Fields

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
Target ModuleThe deployment unit-based module. This can be an application, User Migration, Devices, Mailboxes & BespokeYes, when importing new deployment units
Deploy Unit IdThe deploy Unit Id is a unique reference created by ManagementStudio when a deployment unit is imported into the ManagementStudio database. The use of this field will vary depending on the reason for import:Yes, when updating existing deployment units
Deployment UnitThe name of the deployment unit. For example,ple the London Office.Yes, when importing new deployment units
LocationThe location of the deployment unit. For example,mple LondonYes, when importing new deployment units
Start DateThe deployment unit start date.No
All Day

ProcessThe deployment unit's process can be set during the import process.  

For example, if the deployment unit is already in Migrating, this could be added to the import file to enable ManagementStudio to change the Process from the default value of 1. Identified to the current status of 5. Migrating.
Sub ProcessThe deployment unit's sub-process can be set during the import process.  This should be used in conjunction with the Process section above to ensure the correct sub-category is selected.

For example, if 5. Migrating is selected as the Process, the Sub-Process should be set to Migrating QueueMigrating in Progress or On Hold.
Process StatusThis is the internal Process status of the process the application is in.No
Is Base Line LockedThe lock option prevents changes to the baseline deployment plan. No
Is Signed OffShows the status of the deployment unit Sign Off. No
PriorityThe priority of the deployment unit can be recorded using the Priority field.  Out of the box, an administrator can choose from Low, Medium and High. This field is often used to record the importance of a deployment unit.No
Created ByDisplays the user who created the deployment unitNo
ArchivedAny deployment unit that has been completed and sign off can be marked as archived and moved from the primary deployment unit view. When archived, the IsArchived checkbox will be ticked.No
LockedSet the deployment unit's locked status. The records of a locked deployment units are not updated unless they are set to unlocked. When locked, the IsLocked checkbox is ticked.No
Delegate 2A list of users to delegate the Deployment unit to.No
DescriptionEnter a description of the deployment unit that is being imported.  For example, Manchester Regional OfficeNo

All built in Custom fields are available to import when enabled within the Administrationtion section. Administration->Deployment Units->Grid Config

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.