Defect fields available for bulk data import

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Some projects may have further information about defects stored in a spreadsheet or in an offline data source. In this case, project administrators can use an Excel source to manually import the information into ManagementStudio. This article describes the fields that can be used.

For further information on data imports, please refer to this article.

Available Defect Fields

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
Defect IdEvery bug or defect has it's unique identification numberYes, when updating an existing defect
SeverityBased on the severity (Critical, Major or Minor) it tells us about impact of the defect or bug Yes, when importing a new defect
Short DescriptionThis includes the abstract of the issueYes, when importing a new defect
Business ImpactThis includes the impact of the defect on the business. For example it could be Medium, High, Very HighYes, when importing a new defect
ProcessThe defect's process can be set during the import process.  

For example, if the defect is already in Pending, this could be added to the import file to enable ManagementStudio to change the Process from the default value of 1. Identified to the current status of Pending.
Sub ProcessThe defect's sub-process can be set during the import process.  This should be used in conjunction with the Process section above to ensure the correct sub-category is selected.

For example, if Pending is selected as the Process, the Sub-Process should be set to Waiting on User, or Waiting on Vendor.
ModuleThe module the defect is logged against. It could be Device, Deployment unit, Application or Project etcYes, when importing a new defect

Parent Id

DescriptionDetails of the steps to reproduce the defectYes, when importing a new defect
Process StatusThis is the internal Process status of the process the application is in.No
PriorityBased on the priority set (High/Medium/Low) the order of fixing the defect can be made.No
Next Action DueThis includes the date when the next action is due on the defectNo
Created ByThis includes the date when the defect is reportedNo
Delegate 2The name of the person that is delegated to analyze/fix the defectNo
ArchivedThis denotes, if the defect is either archived or un-archivedNo
LockedThis denotes, if the defect is either locked or unlocked. No

Please note, all built in Custom fields are available to import when enabled within the Admin section. Administration->Defects->Details Config

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.