Task fields available for bulk data import

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This document describes the fields that can be used to manually import a task list into ManagementStudio using an Excel spreadsheet. For further information on data imports, please refer to this article. 

Available Task Fields

Field NameDescriptionRequired?
Task IdA unique identifier recorded against each taskYes, when updating an existing task
CategoryThe main purpose is to ease the task structure and improve its ability to be found quickly. For example, Fixed, Intended, brokenYes, when importing a new task
SubjectDescription of the taskYes, when importing a new task

StatusThis is useful for tracking the current  state of the task. For example In Progress, Not Started or CompleteNo
PriorityBased on the priority set (High/Medium/Low) the order of performing the task.No
Start DateUse the start date/time field to specify when a task beginsNo
Due DateThe due date is used to specify when the task needs to be completedNo
Tag ListA tag is a keyword or phrase that you can use to help describe the task. This can be used to keep track of the state or progress of a task, such as "waiting for John"No
ArchivedThis denotes, if the task is either archived or un-archivedNo
LockedThis denotes, if the defect is either locked or unlocked. 
Created ByThis displays the individual who created the task.No
Created OnDisplays when the task was created.No
Assigned ToDisplays, who is assigned to complete the taskNo
TagA tag is a keyword or phrase that you can use to help describe the task
DescriptionDescription of the steps to complete the taskNo
Sub ProcessThe task's sub-process can be set during the import process.  This should be used in conjunction with the Process section above to ensure the correct sub-category is selected.

Please note, all built in Custom fields are available to import when enabled within the Admin section. Administration->Tasks-> Grid Config

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.