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The Details config section within each module in ManagementStudio lets the administrator set the properties and structure of the elements presented within the details tab. The Applications module is used here to illustrate the concept of details config, although the principles also apply to all modules within ManagementStudio 

Switch to Administration ->Applications -> Details Config


1) Internal Name: This is the Internal Name of the field which can not be edited and is generally the name used in the API.

2) Display Name: This is the Name of the field as displayed in the Details Page UI.

3) Display Order: This controls the order in which the fields are displayed in the UI the lower values appear first.

4) Width: The Details Page is comprised of 12 Columns, this value indicates how many of these Columns the fields UI element will occupy.

5) Visible: As the name suggests this controls whether a field is visible on the Details Page.

When you mark a field as invisible, it will join the other invisible fields at the bottom of the fields list.

6) Read Only: When a field is marked as Read-Only it can not be edited by a user via the UI.

7) On New Line: This will cause the field to start on a new row in the Details Page. Normally controls based on their size will endeavour to fill a row once a row is filled the controls move on to the next row. This option allows you to specify you want this control to appear at the start of a new row.

8) Format String: Where applicable this allows you to control the formatting of dates, times and numbers. It uses the same formatting specifications as the System.String Format Function.  For example {0:dd-[MM]-yyyy} produces with the value of  11th of February 2020 the following output "11-[02]-2020"

9) Watermark: This controls what appears in an empty text-based field control when there is no data present.

For instance, the watermark for the field LastName could be "Please enter your Surname" if for a particular record the LastName is blank then "Please enter your Surname" will appear in the control in a "light" colour and will disappear as soon as the user starts to enter data in the field.

10) Tooltip: This allows you to supply an explanation for any particular controls function/purpose. Any Control that has a tooltip will render an information icon beside its label and this text will appear if the user hovers the mouse pointer over the icon.

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.