Test Settings: PS / CSS / JS

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Each of the main modules has the ability to create a Test Sign-Off, used to collect test information from end-users and the project team. To enable administrators to extend the presentation and/or functionality of the Test Sign-Off, the following technologies are supported by ManagementStudio:

PowerShellAutomate ManagementStudio tasks and interact with external applications via API.
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)Control the visual aspect of how HTML elements appear on the screen.  For example, typeface and fonts used, and the colour of text or backgrounds.
JavaScript (JS)Programatically modify the structure of HTML and add dynamic functionality.  For example, automatically adding standard footer text to Test Sign-Offs.


Accessing the Editor

Test Sign-Offs are available for all migration modules and are accessed through the Administration module:

Administration > [Module] > Test Sign-Offs

The examples used throughout this document are based on the Applications module and is accessed through:

Administration > Application > Test Sign-Offs

From the Test Sign-Off page, either create a New Test Type (1) or select an existing survey from the Select Test Type (2) dropdown menu.  With the correct survey loaded, select PS / CSS / JS (3) from the vertical tabs on the left.


The default functionality can be extended by using JavaScript (JS) and Custom Style Sheets (CSS) to manipulate the presentation of the form, and PowerShell (PS) to interact with the data held by ManagementStudio.  For example, an application might be placed in a custom process called 'Testing Feedback Requested' prior to sending UAT emails.  Once a user has submitted a UAT response, PS could move the application to the next process in the workflow, called 'Testing Feedback Received', to denote which applications are still awaiting feedback.

More information and examples of how to use PS/JS/CSS in Surveys can be found at:


Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.