Test Types

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Every module within ManagementStudio has a testing feature available to it, which enables project administrators to define tests for different scenarios, and provides the mechanism for tests to be issued and collected from end-users.  These are known as Test Types.  For example, tests could be created for User Acceptance Testing, Quality Assurance and Compatibility Testing.

By defining Test Types, a ManagementStudio administrator can create a set of questions that are specific to a certain use case (e.g. application testing using a traditional desktop or desktop virtualisation), notify testers by email that a test is ready, collect the results, and report on the responses.

This document explains the Test Type features and sample Test Type.  The Applications module is used throughout this example to illustrate the concepts of Test Types, however, the principle applies to User Migrations, Devices, Deployment Units, Bespoke, and Defects, too.


The Test Types Feature

Accessing Test Types

  • Switch to the Administration view (the gear icon in the bottom left) and choose the module that Test Types will be created for. In this example, Applications.
  • Choose the Test Sign-Offs option from the Surveys, Sign-Offs & Self Schedule panel.

Test Type Screen Layout

The Test Type screen consists of three core components:

  1. The Button Toolbar.  From left to right: Save Changes, Cancel Changes, (create a) New Test Type, Select Test Type (from existing entries) and Delete Test Type.
  2. The Options Menu:
    • Settings: The configuration options that will be used in the test.
    • Question Layout: The text and questions that will appear in the Test Case.
    • Test Questions: Questions and the input type (e.g. text block, radio button, or drop-down)
    • Emails: Specify the content of the Test-SignOff Email, Reminder Email, Complete Test-SignOff Email, Updated Test-SignOff Email, and Cancelled Test-SignOff Email.
    • PS / CSS / JS: Specify custom PowerShell, Custom Style Sheets, and JavaScript to customise the look and behaviour of the online survey.
  3. The Configuration Area. This area will vary depending on the selection made in the Options Menu (2) and is used to enter configuration, text or questions.

Test Type Sections

Each test has five discrete sections that contain the relevant configuration for the Test:

SectionDescriptionRelated Solution Article
SettingsThe Settings tab enables the ManagementStudio administrator to configure:
  • Page text
  • On-screen messages
  • Test options
  • Email follow-ups
  • Buttons
  • Calendar reminders

The Settings tab is pre-populated with default text, with the exception of the RDP Template which is only populated when the Test is saved.

Question LayoutThe order and position of the questions as they appear on the web form is defined in the Question Layout tab.  This also enables the administrator to specify custom text for each question.https://support.managementstudio.com/a/solutions/articles/14000129170
Test QuestionsAll fields to be used in the test should be defined in the Test Questions tab before they can be used in the form.  Once defined, they become available for use in Question Layout.https://support.migrationstudio.com/a/solutions/articles/14000129171
EmailsEach test has a series of emails that are available to send:
  • Test-SignOff Email
  • Reminder Email
  • Complete Test-SignOff Email
  • Update Test-SignOff Email
  • Cancelled Test-SignOff Email

The subject and contents of each email are defined in the Email tab.

PS / CSS / JSAdministrators are able to modify the behaviour and presentation of Test Types using PowerShell (PS), JavaScript (JS), and Custom Style Sheets (CSS).


Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.