How to Override a Survey Status (Pass, Fail, Incomplete)

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This article will outline the steps required to change the Survey status (Pass, Fail, Incomplete) against a User or group of Users on the grid from the right click context menu.

Step 1 - Establish the Survey Id for the Survey

  • Switch to Administration>User Migrations>Surveys (1).
  • Select the survey from the dropdown menu (2).
  • Click Settings (3).
  • Make a note of the Survey id (4). Eg 16 in the screenshot below.

Step 2 - Configure the PowerShell Script

Create a PowerShell script to change the survey status

  • Switch to Administration->User Migrations->PowerShell Scripts (1).
  • Click User Migrations (2).
  • Click on Click here to add new item (3).

  • Enter the Script name (1).
  • Click on the PowerShell Editor icon(2).
  • Enter the following script:

$surveys = Get-MSSurveysForModuleItems -Module UserMigrations -SurveyId $ScriptArgs.EventArg2 -InstanceIds $ScriptArgs.Items

foreach($survey in $surveys)


If($ScriptArgs.EventArg1 -eq  'Pass'){$survey.CompleteResult = $True; $survey.CompletedBy = $ScriptArgs.RanByUser}

If($ScriptArgs.EventArg1 -eq  'Fail'){$survey.CompleteResult = $fail; $survey.CompletedBy = $ScriptArgs.RanByUser}

If($ScriptArgs.EventArg1 -eq  'Incomplete'){$survey.CompleteResult = $null; $survey.CompletedBy = $ScriptArgs.RanByUser}


Update-MSSurveysForModuleItems -Module UserMigrations -SurveyReults $surveys

  • Click OK (3).
  • Enter the following within the specified columns
Script NameOverride Survey Status - Any name can be used
CategorySurvey - Any category can be used
DescriptionScript to change the status of a specified survey
Click Edit to edit the PowerShell scriptPaste in the script
ModuleUser Migrations
Run AsApi Account
Grant AccessPower User role group or the role group of users you wish to grant access to be able to run this script.

  • Click Save Changes (4).

Step 3 - Configure UI Button to Run the Override Survey Status Script

  • Switch to Administration>User Migrations>UI Buttons (1).
  • In the screenshot below, the target survey is the User Validation Survey (2).
  • Click on the Plus (3) symbol next to the target survey.
  • Enter the Name of the Button label (4), eg Override Survey Status. Within the Override Survey Status button, there are 3 sub-buttons. 
  • Click the Plus (5) symbol to add these (Pass, Fail, Incomplete) (6).
  • Select the Grant access 1 level from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the Script name within the Run Script column(7). This is the name of the script created in Step 2.
  • Click on the Grid chooser icon located top right and enable columns Arg1 & Arg2.
  • In columns Arg1, enter Pass, Fail & Incomplete against the corresponding button (9).
  • In columns Arg2, enter the Survey id (10) determined in step 1 against each survey button.
  • Click Save Changes (11).

Step 4 - Run the Script via the User Migrations Context Menu

  • Restart the Client.
  • Switch to the User Migrations module.
  • Select the Users you would like to change their survey status on the grid.
  • Right Click and select Surveys (1)->The target survey (2)>Survey button (3)->Sub Button (4) created.

  • Click Continue to confirm.

  • Within a few minutes, there will be a message displayed 'Survey Change Status Complete'.

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.