Azure AD Connector

Modified on Mon, 17 Apr 2023 at 04:09 PM


Azure App

The MS Azure AD Connector requires an App to be created in the client's Azure instance with the appropriate permissions and access rights. 

Please refer to this article on how to create the Azure App.

Azure Connection

To connect to an Azure instance fill in the TenentId of the Azure Instance, the Client Id of the Azure app, and either a user/pass or secret key. 

Azure Keywords

Built-in Azure keywords of Users and Devices can be mapped to fields in ManagementStudio. By default, ManagementStudio will create the most common mappings for you.

Special Keywords

Special keywords are available only in ManagementStudio and generally apply some post-processing to Azure keywords. 

User Special Keywords

  • AccountEnabled
    • MS_AccountEnabledYN
      • Resolves to Yes or No
    • MS_AccountEnabledTF
      • Resolves to TRUE or FALSE
    • MS_AccountEnabledED
      • Resolves to Enabled or Disabled

  • MemberOf
    • MS_MemberOfName
    • MS_MemberOfId
    • MS_MemberOfNameAndId

  • Manager
    • MS_ManagerName
    • MS_ManagerUPN
    • MS_ManagerNameAndUPN

  • DirectReports
    • MS_DirectReportsName
    • MS_DirectReportsUPN
    • MS_DirectReportsNameAndUPN

  • Misc
    • MS_IdentityIssuer

  • LastActivity
    • MS_LastActivityHighest
    • MS_LastActivityInteractive
    • MS_LastActivityNonInteractive

Device Fields