Move a User Into a Process When Their Apps Are Ready

Modified on Thu, 25 May 2023 at 03:48 PM

It may be useful to move users into a specific workflow process (or sub-process) when their applications are ready. Or trigger some other automation such as notifying the deployment team that the user's apps are ready. This guide show how this can be easily achieved in an ESM Plan.


  • Requires a ManagementStudio account in the Project Admin role

1. Create a User Migration ESM Plan

  • Administration -> Extensions -> Servicing Plans -> User Migration Plans
  • Service Plans -> New Service Plan -> <Add suitable name> -> New Plan
  • Add a plan description (optional) 
  • Under Data Source it may be useful to limit which user migrations this plan runs against, for example only users in the Process 1. Identified. If this approach is chosen, ensure All User Migrations is deselected
  • Click Save

2. Add Rules

  • Under Service Plan Rules (Evaluator) click Add New Setting twice to add two rows
  • Set the following values to a) check all the user's apps are ready and b) check the user has at least one application:
Rule NameRule TypeData LocationOperatorCriteria
Check apps are readyFieldAR:IsReady==true
Check user has appsFieldAR:Total>0
Note that in the Data Location setting AR refers to Application Readiness. DR would check Device Readiness. More info on Cross Module Rules:
  • Click Validate Plan Rules
  • The Rules Validator should return a success message

3. Add an Action

  • Under Service Plan Actions (Publisher) click Add New Setting
  • Set the following values:

On PublishMove to Process<Name of Process or Sub-process>
  • Click Validate Plan Rules (this will also save the new action)
  • The Actions Validator should return a success message

4. Test the Plan

  • Create a test user and link some "ready" applications to the user. Ensure they are not in the Process/Sub-process which the ESM Plan will move them into
  • Ensure there are no "real" user records which will be affected by the plan (perhaps by adjusting the Plan's Data Source if needed)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the ESM Plan and click Run Plan Evaluator. Once the Evaluator has run, scroll down and review the results in the Evaluator Log. In this example 314 users were evaluated and one has all their apps ready.

  • If the number of passes is not as expected, investigate and resolve this before continuing
  • Click Reset, Eval, Schedule and Publish, this will trigger the plan to fully run
  • Once the Plan has completed, check the Scheduler Log and Action Log

  • These should show that one user was scheduled and one was actioned
  • Navigate to User Migrations -> All User Migrations -> Locate the test user -> Ensure it was moved into the correct Process/Sub-process

5. Finalise the Plan

  • Make any changes to the Data Source to ensure this Plan will evaluate the "real" users
  • Delete the test user migration (if required)
  • Set a schedule in Schedule To Run At #1 (and #2 if required)
  • Save

This plan will now run on a schedule and move in-scope users as per the Plan Actions.