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Emails in ManagementStudio

To make designing emails easier ManagementStudio splits emails into two parts. The Email Template contains content such as 'Hi Matthew, welcome to the project' and the 'Wrapper' that holds the style info, the banner image, the footer etc. 

These components are merged together before the email is sent to the user. 

Email Templates

Email templates are available in all main modules - Applications, User Migrations, Devices, Mailboxes, Bespoke, and Deployment Units - in addition to the secondary module, Defects.  To access the email templates, switch to Administration, choose the module that contains the template to be modified, and select Email Templates.

For example:

  • To access Email Templates in User Migrations: Administration > User Migrations > Email Template

  • Choose the template (1) that will be updated and click the edit icon (2)

  • Add the content in the Email Editor (1) and click OK (2) to save changes. Markdown and HTML can be used to introduce rich text formatting to the content. Using keywords will also inject context-specific information about the user/application/device into the email.

Email Wrappers

There are 5 email wrappers available and ManagementStudio ships with Wrapper #1 pre-designed. To switch between different wrappers use the 'Email Wrapper' options column on the Email Templates grid. Note. this column is hidden by default and can be turned on using the Column Picker button in the toolbar. 

Replacing Text in a Wrapper

Wrappers can be edited globally on the Project Settings page, however, if only a portion of the wrapper needs to be charged e.g. swapping out an image defined in the wrapper for a specific email then it's possible to a virtual 'find and replace' on the wrapper as the email is being assembled. 

To use this feature add the Find/Replace instruction(s) to the bottom of the target Email Template. The Find/Replace is performed before the email has been fully assembled and all keywords resolved, this allows keywords themselves to be replaced if required.  

Find/Replace Instruction:  [[Find:'<img-123>' || Replace:'<img-321>']]
Note the double square brackets [[ ]] at the beginning and end and the double pipe charactors || separating the find from the replace

e.g. [[Find:'Img-ManagementStudioEvergreen600.png' || Replace:'Img-NewGraphic.png']]

Custom 'From Name' and 'From Address'

ManagementStudio has the From Name and Address set in the project settings and will use these values for all emails that are sent from the system. However, we understand that sometimes it is required that a specific email have a different reply-to address. To override the default From Name and Address there are two hidden columns on the email template grid. Use the column picker to turn on 'From Name' and 'From Address'. These can be individually or both together. Note 'From Address' must be an email address. 

Video Tutorial: Email Templates

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.