Emails - Quick Reference

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Common Keywords

User's migration date and time: [UserMigrations-DeployUnitSlotStart]

User ICA calendar file attachment: [Attachment-SelfSchedule-InviteIcs]

Raw list:


Useful for corporate branding etc:

  • Administration -> Project Resources -> Add Resource -> Browse to file -> Open
  • Make a note of the filename (e.g. logo.png) or the numerical ID (e.g. 7)
  • Go to the email editor (eg. For Surveys go to Admin -> [module] -> Surveys -> Emails)
  • Add line ![Image description]([IMG-logo.png]) if using the filename, or ![Image description]([IMG-7]) if using the image ID

The IMG- prefix wrapped in square brackets (e.g. [IMG-logo.png]) is used by ManagementStudio to denote that this is an image file rather than a standard keyword.  Without IMG- the image will not be displayed.


| Header 1 | Header 2 | Header 3 |


| A1 | B1 | C1 |

| A2 | B2 | C2 |


The presentation of the table, such as border width, colour, text alignment, cell spacing, fonts, and font size, is determined by the style defined in the global email template. For further information, please review the 'Email Templates' Solution Article.

Add a Link/URL

Markdown supports links as follows:

[Link text here](

For example:

Visit our [support portal]( to raise a ticket

would result in:

Visit our support portal to raise a ticket

HTML is supported, too.  For example:

Visit our <a href="">support portal</a> to raise a ticket

Add an Email Link

Markdown supports email links as follows:

[Text to display](

For example:

For help and support, please [contact the service desk](

would generate:

For help and support, please contact the service desk.

Attach a File to an Email

Up to three files can be attached to an email using this approach.

  • Upload the file as a project resource in Admin -> Project Resources
  • Admin -> Module -> Email Templates
  • Turn on the Attachment 1 column using the Column Chooser button
  • Now choose the file from the dropdown list
  • Click Save Changes


Override the Global Email Template

  • Firstly setup Email Template Wrapper 2 as below and click Save Changes

  • Then setup the email template to use this wrapper:
    • In the Column Chooser turn on the Email Wrapper column
    • Change the value to 2
    • Click Save Changes


For further information, please refer to the 'Email Templates' Solution Article.

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.