Summary & Detail Report

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ManagementStudio has built in Summary and Detail reporting options. It has many pre-built reports that a user can use as is or customize via the Datamining report builder. The Summary & Detail Report allows the user to see all the details within their report. It also provides the ability to filter, customize the columns, and export the report.

Summary & Detail Report Overview

This report is split into three core areas:

  • Ribbon (1)
  • Summary pane/view (2)
  • Details pane/view (3)


At the top of the screen, there are various functions to assist with limiting the amount of data displayed.

  • Run Datamining Report - Initiates the retrieval of the report

Note: The following Data Source controls will be different within other modules

  • All Deployment Units - Display information against all deployment units
  • Explicit Deployment Units - Display information against the selected deployment unit
  • Select Processes - Display information against deployment units in a particular process
  • Select Process Status - Display information against deployment units with a particular process status
  • Select Blueprints - Display information against deployment units within a selected blueprint
  • Select Deployment Units - Display information against the selected deployment unit
  • Include Archived - Include Archived deployment unit
  • Include Deleted - Include Deleted deployment unit

Summary view panel

The summary report shows a high-level detail of the selected report. This section displays the general information included in the report selected within the summary panel. The source and record rows are linked to the detailed reports located in the bottom screen.

The summary panel consist of control bar & Summary main grid.

Control bars (1) across the top from left to right:

  • Report drop down menu
  • Run Report
  • Internal Name
  • Search/Clear grid
  • Toggle
  • Select option
  • Copy/Export option
  • Pivot to Chart/Table

The Summary Main grid (2)

This section displays the columns contained in the selected report.

The columns displayed will be different depending on the report selected

Details view panel

The detail report panel generates detailed information about the selected records within the summary panel above. 

The details panel consist of control bar (1) & details main grid (2).

How to Use the Summary & Detail Report

It is assumed 2 predefined reports have been created.

The following example will use 2 independent reports to illustrate the concept of the Summary & details report. First report is the Applications with User count report and the second report is the Applications User list report. These reports have been created using the data mining report module, for more info on creating these report, please refer to

In a project, a Project Manager may want to run a summary & details report to display the list of users that are associated with a group of selected Applications in a specified process workflow. In ManagementStudio, this can be achieved by:

  • Switch to the Applications (1) module.
  • Click Summary & Detail (2) button from the ribbon menu.
  • The Project manager is only interested in the applications currently in the Packaging process workflow.
  • Click Select Processes (3).
  • Select Add Processes (4)and add the Packaging (4) process workflow.
  • Click on the report dropdown and select the Summary report Application with User count (5).
  • Click Run Report (6).
  • The Summary grid will display a summary of applications currently in the packaging workflow including the total number of Users associated with each application.

A Project Manager may need to see a detailed list of these Users associated to the application

  • Within the Details view, Click on the report dropdown and select the Application User List report (7).
  • Click Run Datamining Report.

  • Clicking on a row within the Application Summary report will display the list of Users associated with the selected application within the details panel.

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.