Test Settings: Test Questions

Modified on Wed, 19 Jan, 2022 at 11:19 AM


Test Sign-Offs are web-based forms that allow ManagementStudio administrators to collect test information about applications.  Users are able to easily contribute additional information without requiring a ManagementStudio logon:

 There are two areas of configuration that work in conjunction to govern the look and feel of Test Sign-Offs:

  • Test Questions: Define headings, question text, input types, and input options to be used in the Test Type.
  • Question Layout: Controls the appearance of the Test Questions.  For example, visibility, position, size, mandatory question, and tooltip.  Further information is available at:

This document discusses the Test Questions tab of a Test Type.  Although the example within reference the Application module, Test Types are supported in Users, Devices, Applications, Mailboxes, Deployment Units, Bespoke, and Defects.


Accessing Test Questions

To access the Test Questions tab:

  • Switch to Administration and select the module that contains the Test Type.
  • Click Test Sign-Offs.
  • Choose the appropriate test under Select Test Type (1).
  • Click Test Questions (2) to load the grid.

The grid will display any questions that have been previously created and provide the opportunity to create new questions using the Click here to add new item function.

Test Questions Grid

The Test Questions grid consists of eight columns:

Each question created has several fields that require configuration:

Grid ColumnExplanationRequired?
Field Label (1)
The field label contains the question text as it should appear in the test.  For example, "Did the correct version install?"Yes

Display As (2)

Test Types share the same controls as Custom Forms.  A full list is available at:

Options (3)

As with Display As, the Options available for Test Types are shared with Custom Forms. For more details, visit:

Default (4)

Specify a default value or state for the control, where supported.  For example, the following setting:

...will result in the Yes option pre-selected:

Note: Time and Date questions will default to the current time/date when the picker is opened.

Visible (5)

By default, all questions have the Visible option enabled and will appear in the test.  Disabling Visible will hide the question from the test but not remove it from ManagementStudio.

To permanently remove a question, use Delete (below).

History (6)

ManagementStudio will record up to 5 changes (who and when) for any given field. By enabling the History option, changes will be recorded indefinitely. This should be used sparingly as it increases database load and size. No

FId (7)

FId (Field ID) is the internal field reference used by ManagementStudio.Yes

Delete (8)

To delete a question from the test, enable the Delete option (1) for all items and click Save Changes (2).

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.