Widget - Process Totals

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The Process Totals widget shows a real-time count of Apps, Users, Devices etc in each of the Processes. The Sub-Process variant will include the counts of items in the sub-process that makes up the main process on the bar of the Process. 


  • Processes
    • Shows the total in each Process
    • Excludes empty Process / Sub-Processes

  • Processes /w Empty
    • Shows the total in each Process
    • Includes empty Processes

  • Processes & Sub-Processes
    • Adds Sub-Processes inside of the bar for the Process
    • Excludes empty Process / Sub-Processes
    • Do not use Pie / Doughnut Charts

  • Processes & Sub-Processes /w Empty
    • Adds Sub-Processes inside of the bar for the Process
    • Includes empty Process / Sub-Processes
    • Do not use Pie / Doughnut Charts

Adv. Arguments


Support Modules

Applications, UserMigrations, Devices, Mailboxes, BespokeModule, DeploymentUnits, Defects, Tasks

Supports Chart Types

Clustered Bar, Pie & Doughnut Charts

Create a Dashboard showing users in a Specified Workflow Process

Step 1 – Create Custom Dashboard

  • Click Dashboard (1) -> Dashboard Designer (2).



  • Click Menu (1) -> New Dashboard (2).
  • Click New Dashboard to confirm.



Step 2 – Setting up the Panel

  • Click on Panel Options (1).
  • Enter the name of the Panel (2)




  • Select the Chart Options (1).
  • Using the dropdown menu (2), select the Module you wish to create the dashboard against.
  • Select and drag the chart you required onto the panel. In this case, the User Migration Process total (3).
  • Using the Variant dropdown, select what’s required (4).
  • Using the Chart Type dropdown menu, select the type required (5).
  • Click on Custom Data Source (6).





  • Select the Chart Data Source (1)
  • Click Select Processes (2).
  • Click Add Process to add in the required processes (3).




  • Click Menu-> Save Dashboard.
  • Enter the name & description of the Dashboard.
  • Enable My Default to have this as your default dashboard.
  • Enable Public to All to allow others to be able to view the dashboard.
  • Click Save New.


Step 3 – View the Dashboard

  • Click Dashboard (1) -> My Dashboards (2) -> New Dashboard name (3) to view the new Dashboard.

  • The new dashboard will be displayed.


Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.