How To Create Right-Click Option To Send Emails

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It's sometimes useful to be able to send emails from the User Migration grid by selecting a set of users, right-clicking them, and choosing to send a pre-configured email. This guide shows how to configure a custom validation email from the contect menu.



  • The account being used has the rights required to modify the settings for UI buttons in the Administration section

Step 1 - Create & Configure Email Template

  • Switch to Adminitration -> User Migrations -> Email Templates (1).
  • Click Click here to add new item (2).
  • Enter the following within the specified column (3).

Email NameDescriptive name for the email
CategorySpecify the email category
EnabledEnsure this is ticked
Is DU EmailEnable if this email is required to be sent from a DU via the context menu
SubjectEmail Subject
ModuleUser Migrations
Send ToEmail 

  • Click on the HTML editor (4). Below is an example of an email template

### Hi [UM-FirstName]

#### Please complete this short survey to aid your migration

[UserMigrations-UrlButton-Survey-10-Complete Survey]

  • Click Save Changes (5).

Step 2 - Create & Configure the UI Buttons

  • Switch to Administration -> User Migrations -> UI Buttons (1).
  • Click Click here to add new item (2).

  • First, create a top-level button to act as a folder for your email buttons, e.g. Email. The top-level button in the example below (1) is called Multi Language Email Send (1).
  • Click the Plus (2) symbol next to top level button to add a sub button
  • Enter the name of the sub-button labels (3).
  • Select the user group wit Grant Access 1 level from the dropdown menu (4).
  • Select the corresponding email created from step 1 from within the Send Email column (5).
  • Click Save Changes (6).

  • Restart the Client.
  • Switch to the User Migrations module.
  • Select the Users you would like to Send the email to on the grid.
  • Right Click and select Multi Language Email Send -> Send Validation Request.
  • Schedule the emails or alternatively, you can turn off the toggle and send the email now.

  • A message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen 'XX Emails added to email queue' where xx is the number of users selected on the grid.

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.