Client EXE Switches

Modified on Thu, 18 Aug 2022 at 01:41 PM

The ManagementStudio client executable supports a number of switches for customising the way the client runs. The easiest way of applying the switches is to modify the desktop shortcut for the client by right-clicking it, and clicking Properties. The Target can then be amended as follows.

-IgnoreSslErrors TrueIf the ManagementStudio website is running over SSL but a certificate is not present, this will force the client to ignore certificate errors

-ServerUrl "http://mstudio.corp"

When the shortcut is clicked, it will connect to the specified server URL. This can be useful if you need to connect to different servers, so a shortcut can be created for each server.

-BypassProxy True

This will force the client to bypass the internet proxy server
-ProjectId 1
Specify which Project and/or Module should be opened. The ID of the project can be viewed in Admin -> Project Settings
-ModuleId 1
1 = Applications
2 = User Migrations
3 = Devices
4 = Mailboxes
5 = Bespoke
-SecurityProtocol Tls12 | Tls11 | Tls
Specify a security protocol

Note that it's possible to combine multiple switches in a single shortcut.