Surveys - Quick Reference

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Custom Fields

To add a custom field using the FieldId firstly hover over the field in any asset (e.g. User Migration) to see the FieldId:

Then add a new field to the survey:

  • Special Control: Text
  • Special Control Text: [Module-CustomForm-2684]

Note that shortened module names are supported.



To add an image at the top of the survey:

  • Add the image as a resource: Administration -> Project Resources -> Add Resource
  • Make a note of the file name (in this example companylogo.png)
  • Administration -> <module> -> Surveys -> Settings -> Banner Area:
    <div style="text-align: center"><img class="logo" src="[Project-Url-Resource-companylogo.png]" /></div><br>
  • It's also possible to have the banner image dynamically resize as the browser window is resized:
    <img src="[Project-Url-Resource-companylogo.png]" class="img-fluid">

To add an inline image as a field in a Survey:

  • Survey -> New Field

URLs (hyperlinks)

Displays a static URL.

Display FieldSettingExample
Special Control: Text (Parsed)Special Control Text: [URL]
Visit the project page at <https://intranet/project> for more information

->User Migrations->Discovery (1). Any custom form can be utilisedlised.

Click New Field (2)

Enter the field label and select Hyperlink from the display as column (3)

NB If its set to read only it shows as a link, if it's not it shows as a text box for the end user to edit on the survey

Click Save Changes (5)

Add a list of applications to a User Survey

  • Administration -> User Migrations -> Surveys -> Display Fields
  • New Field -> Special Control -> Link-Applications

Tip: To exclude "Out of scope" apps from this list:


To rename the "Keep" column header:

  • Right click on the word keep and inspect the element to get its ID. It will look something like ‘survey-header-id-184-Keep’ 
  • Paste the ID into this java script and save it in the Custom JavaScript section of the survey. Note # at the start of the Id, this is required. $("#survey-header-id-184-Keep").html("Keep 123");

Text Colour or Style

Use CSS to change the style of all headers etc.

To change "h5" headers to red use CSS h5 {color: red;}


Blueprint Dropdowns

Display a Blueprint dropdown list. 

Full help:

Display FieldSettingExample
Special ControlBlueprintsn/a
Special Control Text[Text to appear above dropdown]Please select your department:
Special Control Args
FolderId: [BlueprintId];

ShowAs: ["Name" or "Path"];

OnChange: ["Move" or "Add"];

CanSelectNone: ["Yes" or "No"];

FolderId: 5; 
ShowAs: Name; 
OnChange: Add; 
CanSelectNone: Yes;

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.