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Every module within ManagementStudio has a testing feature available to it, which enables project administrators to define tests for different scenarios, and provides the mechanism for tests to be issued and collected from end-users.  These are known as Test Types.  For example, tests could be created for User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Quality Assurance (QA) and Compatibility Testing etc. 

The example that follows will use the User Migration module to illustrate the concept although this approach applies to all modules within ManagementStudio.


Accessing the Test Sign-Offs Tab

The Testing Tab needs to be enabled within the Admin Section. Administration\Select the relevant module\Main Tabs.

To view the Test Sign-Offs tab:

  • Choose the relevant module from the vertical menu bar on the left (1), in this example, User Migrations, and double click click an item from the User migration grid (2) to open the details panel.

  • Select the Test Sign-Offs tab (1) from the tabbed menu bar.

The Test Sign-Offs Tab Layout

Although the options will vary between modules, the layout consist of three core areas:

  • The Control Bar (1).
  • The Test Sign-Offs main grid (2).
  • The Test Sign-Offs detailed panel (3).

The Control Bar

This section provides quick access to common features. From left to right:

New Test Sign-OffThis allows the project administrator to issue new test sign-offs.
ReloadAbility to reload the testing main grid.
Include ArchivedAbility to include archived Test sign -offs.
Search GridAllows you to enter a piece of text to search/filter the grid for, the grid will show which fields are matching in red. You can clear the search filter by clicking on the circle with a line across symbol to the right of the control.
Toggle Group BarThis allows you to show/hide the Group bar. The group bar allows you to drag any field in the grid to the group bar and the grid will be grouped on that field i.e. Test Type.
Select AllSelects all the items in the Grid.
Select NoneDeselects all the items in the Grid.
InvertThis will invert the current selections in the grid.
Copy to ClipboardProvides the ability to copy items from the grid to the clipboard.
Export to Excel (All)Provides the ability to Export the Grids' contents to Excel. To export, see the exporting records article.
Export to CSV (All)Provides the ability to export the Grids' contents to CSV (Comma-Separated Values). To export, see the exporting records article.
Pivot to TableThis is used to summarise, sort, reorganise, group, count, total or average of the data on the grid.
Pivot to ChartThis is a visual representation of the pivot table.
Grid Column ChooserAn option to add additional columns to the Testing main grid.
Send EmailProvides the ability to send out Sign-Off emails.
HelpProvides quick access to the online Help article.

The Test Sign-Off Main Grid

This section displays the list of all test sign-offs that are associated to the module. Details of each column below:

LinkLink to open the Sign-off page.
EditUsed to edit the test sign-off. This will open the test sign-off wizard.
TestResultIdThe TestresultId is a unique reference created by ManagementStudio.
Test TypeThis displays the corresponding test type.
ResultDisplays the results of the test sign-off.
Is CompleteThis denotes, if the test sign-off is completed.
Is ArchivedThis denotes, if the test sign-off is archived.
Is LockedThis denotes, if the test sign-off is locked.
Blueprint ListDisplays the blueprints the test sign-off is applied to.
CommentsDisplays any comments that have been added by the tester.
SignatureSignature of the tester.
Sign on DateWhen it was signed by the tester.
Fail ReasonDisplays the reason why it failed.
First NameFirst Name of the Tester.
Last NameLast Name of the tester.
EmailEmail address of the tester.
Email2Secondary email address of tester.
Notes to testerNotes specified to the tester.
Start dateStart date of the test window.
End DateEnd date of the test window.
DeviceSpecified or dedicated test device name.
Request Email SentTimestamp of when the first email was sent out.
Reminder Email sentTimestamp of when the reminder email was sent out.
Update Email sentTime stamp of when the update email was sent out.
Complete Email SentTimestamp of when the complete email was sent.
Cancel Email SentTimestamp of when cancel email was sent out.
Created onDate and time when the test sign-off was created.
Created ByThe person who created the test sign-off.
Visit CountThe count of how many times the link was accessed.
Last VisitTimestamp of when the link was last accessed.
Test Sign-Off UrlUrl for the test sign-off.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The functionality provided by the Control Bar (above) is also available by keyboard shortcuts:

  • New Test Sign-Off: CTRL+N
  • Reload: CTRL+R

Creating a new Test Sign-off

Creating Test Types

Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.