How to copy "Dependency Of" applications from one app to another

Modified on Tue, 18 Jan 2022 at 03:08 PM



In some scenarios it's useful to be able to copy an applications "Dependency Of" applications to another application. 


  • There are five applications which depend on Java Runtime 1.6
  • Java Runtime 1.6 is due to be replaced with Java Runtime 1.7
  • The five applications which depend on Java Runtime 1.6 need to be updated to depend on Java Runtime 1.7. (These five applications are known as Dependency Of applications)


  • Copy the AppIDs of the five Dependency Of applications
    • Double click on Java Runtime 1.6 -> Change to the Dependencies tab -> In the Is Dependency Of section (lower half) click the dropdown by Copy -> Export to Excel (All) -> Save this file
  • Prepare the spreadsheet for import
    • Open the Excel spreadsheet
    • Delete the cell containing the text "Total: x"
    • Rename the Id column header to ParentId
    • Add a column called ChildId
    • Fill this column with the AppID of the new application, Java Runtime 1.7 (3943 in this example)
    • Save the spreadsheet

  • Add the Dependency Of applications to the new application, Java Runtime 1.7
    • Click Import Data -> Applications
    • Select the Excel file -> Open
    • Setup the Details/Special settings for the three entries as shown in the green lines below
    • Click Import Data (Note: You may see an error in the Import Log such as Not allowed to update: AppId. This can be ignored)

Final Result

Java Runtime 1.7 now has the same Dependency Of applications as Java Runtime 1.6

Optional step: It may be necessary to remove the Dependency Of applications for Java Runtime 1.6

Further Support

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