Widget - DMR Field Counts

Modified on Wed, 21 Sep 2022 at 04:00 PM


The DMR Field CountWidget allows columns from a Dataming Report to be summed or counted and displayed as summary numbers on the Dashboard. By default, the DataSources from the DMR will be used, not the DataSource set in the Dashboard. This allows complex filtering set in the DMR to be preserved in the Chart while still allowing all widgets on the Dashboard to be controlled by a single panel DataSources  

Any column from the DMR can be used including Expression Columns


The summary numbers widget can display up to three different numbers, each with its own label. The first number is always in the middle, the second on top, and the third on the bottom. Use a sort to control the order of the results. Only the first three rows will be shown on the widget,



  • With Labels
  • Without Labels

Adv. Arguments

  • Datamining Report Id
    • The Id of the Datamining Report to run
    • required
  • Group By Column
    • The internal column name pivot into a chart
    • e.g. 'Applications_AppVendor', 'Expression_VendorAndName'
    • required
  • Count \ Sum \Top 
    • Additional parameters for controlling the widget
    • Count or Sum
      • Sum: UserMigrations_Total
      • Count: Applications_AppId
    • Top X
      • e.g. Top: 20; will return the first 20 results
    • Sort(asc / desc)
      • e.g. Sort: asc;  for ascending
      • e.g. Sort: desc;  for descending
    • Filter
      • Add a chart specific filter
      • e.g. Filter:Devices_HostName like 'PC0006*'
    • DataSource: DMR
      • Use the DataSource as specified in the DMR, not the Dashboard DataSource
      • e.g DataSource: DMR;
      • Note the Filter set in the DMR will always be used regardless of which DataSource was used. 
    • Sperate parameters with a ;
    • Example
      • Sum: UserMigrations_Total; Top: 15; Sort: Desc;
      • Count:UserMigrations_HostName; Filter:Devices_HostName like 'PC0006*'

Carriage returns are permitted between Sums & Filters and Multiple Filters are allowed but the columns must be on the Datamining report