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ManagementStudio Surveys are used to gather information for Projects. The information gathered is stored in the custom forms and fields defined for the project. For example, a custom form can be created to record desk layout information: how many monitors, keyboard and mouse position, telephony equipment, coffee cup holder. The Survey would then be used to ask each user what their preferences would be. The Survey pages are associated with each of the main modules:

  • Applications
  • User Migrations
  • Devices
  • Mailboxes
  • Bespoke
  • Deployment Units
  • Defects

The configuration of a survey consists of four sections which are linked below. 


This link shows the basic settings of a survey. e.g. Button labels, welcome text, email triggers, etc.  These settings can be used to make the survey a Questionnaire type survey, or a Pass/ Fail test type survey. It is also possible to gently remind the recipient after X days if they haven't yet completed the survey. It's also possible to create a pdf attachment of each of the Surveys once they have been completed. This provides a 'hard copy' of the test which can be used for audit purposes if required.

The basic welcome, completion and instruction messages are defined within this section.

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The general point of a survey is to gather information about a specific deliverable within a module. For example in the Applications module, it may be necessary to periodically ask the application owner whether the application is still licensed, used, needs updating etc. For a User, it may be necessary to gather information about their migration requirements. For a device, it may be necessary to canvas the device manager or even the engineer post-migration. The information gathered can be stored in the General Fields or Custom Form Fields. This link describes the process of creating and linking to those fields. 

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This section describes how to configure the email templates that are sent out as part of the Survey Process. There are three templates available to the survey process:

  • Request Email - This email introduces the survey to the recipient and provides a link back to the survey which is hosted on ManagementStudio
  • Reminder Email - if the user hasn't completed the survey after a period of time (defined in the Settings section), this email will be sent to gently remind the user of their obligation
  • Confirmation Email - This email is sent upon completion of the survey. It may contain the next actions or just a confirmation of what has happened

Each of the emails  can contain custom HTML, Markdown Language and an extensive list of variables

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The survey can be customised further using CSS, JavaScript or PowerShell. This link describes these options in more detail

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Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.