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ManagementStudio can assist Project Administrators with productivity, offering a way to record, relate and assign tasks and to-do items that require action. The Task tab is available within each module in ManagementStudio.

The example that follows will use the Applications module to illustrate the concept although this approach applies to all modules within ManagementStudio.

Accessing the Tasks Tab

To view the Tasks Tab:

  • Choose the relevant module from the vertical menu bar on the left (1), in this example, Applications, and double click an item from the main grid (2) to open the details panel.

  • Click the Tasks tab (1) from the tabbed menu bar.

The Task Tab Layout

Although the options will vary between modules, the layout consist of two core areas:

  • The Control Bar (1).
  • The Tasks Main Grid (2).

The Control Bar

This section provides quick access to common features. From left to right:

New Task/Add Existing TaskThis allows the project administrator to issue new task and also add from an existing task list.
ReloadAbility to reload the testing main grid.
Search GridAllows you to enter a piece of text to search/filter the grid for, the grid will show which fields are matching in red. You can clear the search filter by clicking on the circle with a line across symbol to the right of the control.
Toggle Group BarThis allows you to show/hide the Group bar. The group bar allows you to drag any field in the grid to the group bar and the grid will be grouped on that field i.e. Test Type.
Select AllSelects all the items in the Grid.
Select NoneDeselects all the items in the Grid.
InvertThis will invert the current selections in the grid.
Copy to ClipboardProvides the ability to copy items from the grid to the clipboard.
Export to Excel (All)Provides the ability to Export the Grids' contents to Excel. To export, see the exporting records article.
Export to CSV (All)Provides the ability to export the Grids' contents to CSV (Comma-Separated Values). To export, see the exporting records article.
Pivot to TableThis is used to summarise, sort, reorganise, group, count, total or average of the data on the grid.
Pivot to ChartThis is a visual representation of the pivot table.
Help symbolProvides quick access to the online Help article.

The Tasks Main Grid

This section displays the list of all tasks that are associated to the item. Details of each column below:

DetailsLink to open the details of the Task.
UnlinkUsed to remove the task from the list.
CategoryThese are the groups, you can use to sort the task into. Eg As Intended, Fixed, Broken.
SubjectDisplays the description of the task.
StatusDisplays the status of the task.
PriorityDisplays the priority of the task.
Start DateThe start date of the task.
Due DateThe due date is used to specify when the task needs to be completed.
Tag ListDisplays the tag list to help describe the task.
ArchivedDenotes, if the task is either archived or un-archived.
LockedDenotes, if the task is either Locked or un-locked.

Creating a New Task

  • Click on the New Task (1) button from the control bar across the top.

Note: Click Add Existing Task, if adding a task from an existing task list.

  • Fill in the Subject and Description fields (1) of the task.
  • Choose the Process (2) that the task will be assigned to. The default will already be selected.
  • Click New (3).

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Further Support

If you require further support, please visit ManagementStudio's Service Desk to search the knowledge base or create a new support ticket.